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—Bentley Little

Friday, August 5, 2011

What the hell is goin' on?

I have been neglecting my blog. Sorry about that. But I have good reason! I've been a busy son of a bitch.

I just got word that my novella All You Can Eat will be released next year by Deadite Press! There will be two other books coming out by Deadite as well. Very excited about this. The whole thing is just so fucking surreal. And the folks at Eraserhead/Deadite are just awesome. Great group of horror lovers, man. I couldn't be happier to work with them. I think we can do great, horrible things together.

Also, along with my friend Travis Tarpley, I have opened a new, invite only, press called Sinister Grin Press. We officially launch the press in Vegas at Killercon this year! Hells yes! So far, we've got three projects under contract. The first of a chapbook series called Cut Corners, including brand new stories by Ramsey Campbell, Bentley Little, and Ray Garton. Also, a brand new novel by Wrath James White, Sacrifice. Trust me people, you don't want to miss out on either. And The Killings is being masterly crafted by Wrath James White and J.F. Gonzalez. It will be the first book out in 2012 from Sinister Grin, and it will be our first limited edition, signed hardback. We'll be doing a print run of 150 of them, so don't miss out!

Besides that, I'm putting some finishing touches on my latest editing project with Pill Hill Press called A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre. A fucking great book, let me tell you. Sadly, it will mark my last project with Pill Hill, who are absolutely great to work with and who I will always remember as the first press to take a chance on me. They will continue to put out great, fun stuff. That's just what they do.

I'm also in the process of writing a couple more novellas to be sent to some other choice publishers, and I can only hope my luck hasn't run out. This horror writing stuff is just too fucking fun, isn't it?

Until next time!

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